Fire Insurance

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Fire insurance policy can be bought by anyone who is the legal owner of a residential landed property or apartment in order to protect it against loss of or damage to such property. The contents of a home can also be insured against.

you are the owner of a house, your fire insurance policy may be extended to include permanent fixtures and fittings such as fitted kitchen and bedroom closets/cupboards and interior decorations. Outbuildings such as maids quarters or garages may be included as well. The extent of structures to be included will depend on their inclusion in the build up in the sum insured.

In addition, the contents of your home like furniture, carpets, TV, video, hi-fi equipment, piano, bookcase, books, lamps, ornaments, PC, clothing, bedding, kitchenware and appliances, personal effects etc and leasehold improvements can be insured as well. Often the policy on contents/leasehold improvements is issued separately from the policy on the structure although some insurers issue a combined policy for houses.

Many a poet have wondered about the dual power of fire – so constructive and beneficial, yet with the potential to cause so much damage. A single fire accident has the power to wreak complete havoc burning down buildings, plant and machinery and even stocks. A single spark can lead to so much loss and unless adequately insured, a business will find it very difficult to rise from the ashes. With Cholamandalam MS Fire Insurance, ensure that your business is adequately covered against damage arising out of various fire and fire-related perils.